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Anna & Paola Borgogno

Anna & Paola Borgogno: 4th generation, Fratelli Borgogno, cellar in Cannubi, Barolo

La mansione che preferisci svolgere in azienda?
Paola: Accogliere i turisti ed i clienti che approdano in azienda è la mansione che più mi appaga e mi rende felice.
Anna: sono la contabile della squadra, il mio ruolo è quello di amministrare, organizzare e controllare. Muovo tanta carta e spesso
mi sembra di far tutto e fare niente, sono però appagata in quanto tutto ciò contribuisce a progettare nuovi investimenti e sfide.

What’s your favourite job in the cellar?
Paola: I feel so glad when I greet our customers. That’s satisfy me the most.
Anna: Iam the team’s bookkeeper so I have to organize, check and manage everything. Sometimes I feel that I’m doing nothing
concrete but I know that my job is important because it contribute to plan some new business affairs and dares.

Paola: Because I like chatting and working with people and in this way I can know other countries and cultures.
Anna: Beacause I like new challenges. I can test myself in this way.

Can you tell me 3 important things to produce a great wine?
Paola: I can sum up in 1 thing. A great wine has to express the land’s personality from where it comes .
Anna: The man’s land, love and respect growing the vineyard, his passion following it during from the bottle ageing to the “beginning”.

Do you belive in the natural managment in vineyards?
Paola: Yes, it’s so important for us and for our son’s future . In this way we can live healthy respecting our country.
Anna: Yes I do. I think that everyone has to contribute safeguarding the place where he lives.

Team work or individual work?
Paola: When I was younger I worked just by myself. But now I’m 53 and I discover that If you work in a young people’s team it can psych up yourself.
Anna: Sincerly I prefer work just by myself. I feel like a lonely lion during the work.

What do you think about two different generations working together?
Paola: This clash with my past in the cellar. In this way it makes me open minded to new opportunities and developments.
Anna: I think that it’s difficult to work with different generations but meanwhile I believe that could be useful to mix innovation and tradition,
new dynamism and experience. If they are good mixed they can give great ideas.

If you hadn’t worked in the cellar, what have you been doing in your life?
Paola: I would have done something creative. Fashion or interior designer.
Anna: If I weren’t a wine producer’s daughter I would have worked with flowers and plants or I would have been a social worker.

Why is Cannubi so important?
Paola: Cannubi it’s very important for me. It’s related to my family and my country. Its position is strategic and it gives
elegance and long life to the wine.
Anna: It’s important because in Cannubi there is the mix of the main grounds of Barolo area.
Overall the exposition and the microclima give to Barolo wine elegance and refinement.

Dolcetto or Barbera?
Paola: I can’t choose. I prefer neither the one nor the other. I believe that it’s essencial drink them with right food.
Anna: I can’t choose too. They are part of my tradition. In sommer I prefer Dolcetto, instead I prefer Barbera in winter.

Nebbiolo or Barolo?
Paola: They are like my sons, I can’t have propensities. It’s like one has blue eyes and the other one brown eyes.
There’s a leading thread that intensify their differences This is wonderful.
Anna: A good glass of Nebbiolo to improve the palate and then a great Barolo.

Two positive sides of your personality
Paola: I’m constant and creative
Anna: I accept critiques serenely and I am a proactive person.

What don’t you bear?
Paola: rudeness in general.
Anna: injustices, insinuations and insincerity

What’s your favourite wine of your cellar?
Paola: My favourite one is Barolo because it’s decisive and unique. Every vintage is a wonderful discover.
Anna: Barolo Cannubi Riserva 2005

What’s your dream related to your job?
Paola: Using my creativity to renovate some unused parts of the cellar and in this way giving other experiences to the tourists.
Anna: I would like to work with enthusiasm and vivacity and without bureaucracy which is a waste of time.

What‘s your favourite season (in the wine world)?
Paola: It’s autumn because it’s related to the harvest and passionate tourism.
Anna: I prefer spring. It’s burgeon time for vineyards and so we can see their reawaken.

What do you think about the cellar’s 120 years of tradition and history?
Paola: It’s a very important goal. I’m so proud and it makes me willing to follow other aims with enthusiasm.
Anna: It’s an important goal but a big responsability too. At the same time I feel proud and grateful regarding
people which were able to make a great history. I hope this could continue forever.

Our wine tells about Us,
a family that for five generations believe in the history and traditions of its territory.

Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

Loc. Cannubi, Via Crosia 12, 12060 Barolo (Cn)
P.Iva E C.F. 03084190044
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