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Cannubi Walk Experience


A permanent path in the heart of Cannubi, immersed in our vineyards.
A unique experience to learn about our philosophy
and understand the historical significance of Cru Cannubi.

The idea
comes from the desire to share the unique position of our cellar, located at the top of Cannubi,
deep in the heart of the vineyards. A historic site in the Langhe,
from which you can enjoy a 360 ° view: panoramic vistas
over the vineyards and the villages that made Barolo wine famous.

Cannubi Walk Experince
is a path that will lead you to the discovery of breathtaking views,
explaining what a MGA (cru) is; telling you the history and characteristics
of the famous Cannubi cru, and yet revealing history and traditions of our vineyards and our philosophy .
It is a self guided experience that can be educational, entertaining or even romantic.
The experience is what you make it.

Duration and Difficulty:
The walk is very flat so it is suitable for all levels of walkers
including children (as long as accompanied by parents).
Since it as your own pace, timing is based on the interest and observation
but it is generally a 10 minute walk.


at the end of the tasting an illustrated and explanatory
map will be provided, which combined with the numbered poles,
will lead you to the the vistas.

A simple but unique opportunity to live and learn our territory.

For more info and booking
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*** The route is passable during the cellar hours,
and although easily accessible it is recommended in good weather and in the absence of rain and / or snow.



Our wine tells about Us,
a family that for five generations believe in the history and traditions of its territory.

Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

Loc. Cannubi, Via Crosia 12, 12060 Barolo (Cn)
P.Iva E C.F. 03084190044
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