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Iolanda Giordano-Borgogno: Third generation

Iolanda Borgogno-giordano, barolo, Cannubi, storic cellar, winery in barolo

Serio Borgogno and Iolanda

Iolanda Giordano, wife of Serio Borgogno, is born in a small village near Barolo, in Valle Talloria.  
Iolanda meet Serio Borgogno, at a young age, thanks to his brother Ferdinando. Serious, in fact, with the excuse to go find Iolanda's brother falls in love.
They marry and they go to live in the home of Serio at Barolo. From their union will be born the firstborn Anna and the second-born Paola Borgogno.
In addition to being a thoughtful and careful wife and mother, she has played an important and essential role in the cellar.
Every day She devoted herself to work on vineyards, packaging, sales and deliveries of her own wine.
All this has never distracted her from her role as mother and wife, becoming an important pillar of the family and cellar.
It's strange nowadays, imagine being able to find time to stop, lunch and dinner, all together, gathered around a table.

Iolanda has been able to cut this precious time and despite the busy daily work she has always managed to keep the family together and 
transmitting her values ​​and the importance of being united.
For several years She has welcomed her employees, relatives, friends and clients into her home
by offering her delicious food Cooked with her hands, always offered with the smile.

Borgogno Iolanda, familyBorgogno, winery in barolo, cannubi, nebbiolo

Sergio Borgogno, Anna Maria Camerano and Iolanda Giordano

Two positive sides of her character :
Humility and generosity
Her favorite color :
If She had not worked in the cellar, what would she have wanted to do?
She wanted to open a pastry-salon in the village of Barolo devoting herself to the cultivation of flowers and roses in the pastime.
Some of her best dishes :
The spinach flan, the grandmother's plumcake and pudding
Red wine or white wine?
Now that she is retired , she has revealed a secret: "I prefer White wine"
A lesson that She wanted to convey:
Be kind and welcome people with a sincere smile  

In the photos, her smile tells me more than anything she can write about her.

Iolanda Giordano-Borgogno, winery, third generation family cellar

Our wine tells about Us,
a family that for five generations believe in the history and traditions of its territory.

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