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Truffle Research


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Truffle Research is a unique experience:
you can learn about the trifulao, the secrets of the forest
and the skilful dedication and flair of dogs.
Three fundamental actors, from which to capture emotions and secrets.

Experience Description:
after a detailed explanation of the Trifulau and the knowledge of the dogs,
we proceed with the search for the truffle, providing further curiosity
and details, on research, on dogs and on the forest.

trekking or gym shoes. Comfortable clothing.
It is advisable to always have a spare pair of shoes,
especially if rain is expected in the days before or on the same day.

The project
This project stems from the collaboration between our Cantina
Fratelli Serio & Battista Borgogno, Cantina Borgogno and Save the Truffle.
It has the objective of protecting a Piedmontese excellence,
such as the truffle and the place where the truffle is born: Il bosco.
At the same time he wants to share and make known this important reality to the tourist.

We would like to point out that in case of bad weather,
(on the same day and / or in the previous days)
depending on the conditions of accessibility of the forest, the experience can be canceled,
due to impossibility of carrying out and for the safety of the users.

Search period:
White Truffle: October-November
Black Truffle: July - September

Hours and duration:
Morning: 10.30 a.m. - Afternoon 03.00 or 04.30 p.m every day including the weekend (by reservation)
Duration: approximately 70-95 minutes

We are waiting for you in the cellar and we remain at your disposal to book
your tasting and / or experience. 

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Our wine tells about Us,
a family that for five generations believe in the history and traditions of its territory.

Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

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