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Vingna del Gourat -Cannubi

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Barolo, March 5th, 2015
During a daily lunch: Sergio Borgogno and a bottle of Barolo Cannubi Riserva 2005

"My grandmother, Maiulin was called Gouretta, came from the Borgata Gouretta near Monforte.
There were two sisters, one married to Verduno with a great buyer, a great gentleman.
She went to be fine Maiulin took my grandfather, Grandfather Battistut.
Battistut was a great pelagic. Luckily, Maiulin was a great worker, she was sending the family forward:
she started with the donkey to sell chestnuts, hazelnuts ...
She was a strong and determined woman, so they started calling her the Gouretta.
My uncle, Barba Ciac, my father Ludovico inherited this nickname from her, and I'm a Gourat, also you!"

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 Gourat in addition to being the family nickname is the term used in the Piedmontese dialect to indicate the willow plant,
that it were used in the past to bind the branches following pruning and fix the strain and the vine.
The branches of this plant were cut and put into the water to maintain its elasticity.
Elders and children went in the barn and they all split the branches by size and length, creating separate bunches throughout the evening.
Our old vineyard ,One of the three vineyards on top of Cannubi, around our cellar was called Gourat in memory of Serio Borgogno and his grandmother,
who with enthusiasm and determination built our cellar.
Before was call Vigna Cane (surname of old owners) and Grossa vineyard (because the largest of the three, equal to 1.20 hectares) .

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Vineyard Gourat

Municipality: Barolo
Subzone: Cannubi
Exposure: South-West
Height above sea level: 280 m
Training system: Traditional Guyot
Year of planting: 1982
Particelle: 52-270
Type of Soil: Sand – Limo – Clay

Our wine tells about Us,
a family that for five generations believe in the history and traditions of its territory.

Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

Loc. Cannubi, Via Crosia 12, 12060 Barolo (Cn)
P.Iva E C.F. 03084190044
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