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“In the backrooms of late eighteenth century apothecaries shops, chemists of the time created an elixer, a tonic with digestive properties. Our Barolo Chinato was born from these recipes, plus historical information passed down through the family.”

In 2016, after a long search of every detail, we were able to reconstruct, with the help of a kind friend, the old recipe of Borgogno Serio.

Aromatic wine make with our best Barolo, in the addition of carefully selected herbs and spices that enrich the taste sensations releasing, through a long infusion, a heady olfactory appeal concluded with an elegant bitter sweet balance.

Production: This fortified wine is made by adding to the Barolo a natural extract made by a 60 day infusion of China calissaga, vanilla, cinnamon, juniper and rhubarb.
Ageing: This particular elixer is allowed to rest for about 3 months together our best Barolo. When mature, Barolo Chinato is bottled. To better appreciate its pleasantness must spends another 6 months in the bottles.
Alcohol content: 17-17.5 % Vol.
Colour: Amber red.
Nose: Initially reminiscent of cherries in alcohol, cocoa and cinnamon. At the finish there is a definite note of rose
Taste: perfect balance dry and bitter, warm, with hints of spices.
Pairing food: Perfect as an after meal digestive. Can be drunk cooled in Summer, or at room temperature during Winter. It’s versatility is surprising, whether accompanying pastries, spicy crackers, or even dark chocolate and cakes. In the kitchen it is renowned as an important ingredient in the preparation of Zabajoni, or served hot as “Mulled Wine”.
Azienda Agricola Borgogno Serio
Boffa Federica e Bolla Emanuela s.s.

Loc. Cannubi, Via Crosia 12, 12060 Barolo (Cn)
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