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 For us of the Fratelli Borgogno October 10th, marks the end of the Harvest 2018.
The work obviously continues in the cellar with a lot of frenzy: 7 vats and some steel barrels require constant attention
(2 remouldings a day longer and with air contact in the first fermentation phase and gradually faster and more direct in the last phase of maceration).
The quality of the grapes and peel will certainly allow long maceration for our Barolo Cannubi.
The harvest 2018 marks the entry of new wines for Borgogno's Famly: Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo Albarella and Nascetta families.

Climatic trend of the vintage 2018 After a fiery summer, that of 2017, finally a justly cold winter with good rainfall and frequent snowfalls.
The Spring was characterized by abundant rain that brought balance and water supply to the vineyards,
that because of the last very hot summers, following the summer of 2017 they began to feel the effects of safety.
The summer was warm but overall less warm than in 2017 and previous years.
From the end of August the temperatures have undergone an alternation between hot and cold with heavy rainfall.
If in the first week of September the excursion between night and day was excellent, from the second week of September
nighttime temperatures are increased by reducing the excursion with an increase in humidity.
From the third week of September the return of the thermal excursions between night and day
has created the ideal conditions for the maturation of Nebbiolo grapes.
In the second week of September to encourage the maturation of Nebbiolo and other varieties not yet harvested,
we worked on further peeling, which allowed a good maturation and avoided any botrytis problems.
At the time of harvest, the grapes were healthy and of excellent quality, for both grape varieties.

For Dolcetto, which doesn't like the temperature range, it was necessary to weigh up the date
of harvest to harvest healthy grapes and avoid botrytis problems.
Collection period: between the 2nd and 3rd week of September. At the time of harvest the grapes were ripe and healthy.

For Nebbiolo and Barbera the harvest at the beginning of October, and ended the second week of October.
At the time of harvest, the grapes were healthy and of excellent quality, for both grape varieties.


Our wine tells about Us,
a family that for five generations believe in the history and traditions of its territory.

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